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U.S. History Final Exam Study Guide[pic 1]*The U.S. History final exam consists of 100 questions and covers units 1-6. The test will be on Tuesday June 16, 2015.*To assist you in preparation for the exam you are being given this study guide.*I would like you to make a commitment to study for 20 minutes every day up to test day. Consider this study guide a contract and Return this page with signatures for (25points) extra credit.*It has been my pleasure to be your history teacher this year. I hope you have a wonderful summer! Good Luck on all of your finals – Mrs. FestaParent signature__________________________________Student signature_________________________________U.S. History Final Exam Study GuideGrowth of Cities 1870-1920:*U.S. citizens and immigrants move to cities for Jobs, transportation and innovation encourage people to move to cities.*Skyscrapers are invented so cities can grow vertically. Parks are created for recreation.*Urban planners promoted the orderly growth of cities; Louis Sullivan, Daniel Burnham, Frederick Law Olmstead.*Urban stratification (social position) emerges in cities based on ethnicity, race and class.Population growth leads to Political machines:*Political machines develop to “help citizens”, they accept bribes and give jobs and business to their friends.*Tammany Hall is a political machine in New York City.*Jane Adams establishes settlement houses to help the poor.Populist Party 1891-1896:*The Party failed to address the problems of the new industrial economy.Progressive Movement 1890-1920, (political reform &  social movement:*Examples of reforms; direct election of U.S. senators, procedures for recall elections, hiring of city managers, promoting conservation. *Muckrakers (investigative journalists) uncover corruption in business and government. Theodore Roosevelt 26th President (Republican & Progressive):*New Nationalism agenda: collect income tax, creative national parks, conserve resources, workers compensation laws, building the Panama Canal.Woodrow Wilson 28th President (Democrat & Progressive):*New Freedom agenda, wanted to graduate the income tax, eliminate monopolies.*Believed women should have the right vote, approved the 19th Amendment.Women’s Suffrage (right to vote):*Leaders; Elizabeth Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Julia Ward Howe, Carrie Chapman Catt fight for the right to vote, (goal to gain immediate women’s suffrage  Picket the white house, were arrested, jailed and went on hunger strikes. 1920 the 19th amendment is ratified (signed/approved) giving women suffrage.Segregation:*Sharecropping (land owners allowed farmers to use their land in exchange for a share of the crops) traps southern blacks in a cycle of poverty. Crop liens were credit system that gave farmers credit in exchange for their crops.

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