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Published: 2021-08-30 04:40:07
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Clock reactions are the unique kind of reactions discovered by Hans Heinrich Landolt in 1886. In the clock reaction two colorless solutions of f compounds are mixed; after mixing nothing happens at the first moment. However, after a few seconds the solution suddenly changes its color. There are various kind of clock reaction one of them is the Iodineclock reaction. The Iodineclock reaction was discovered by Hans Heinrich Landolt in 1886. In iodine clock reaction two colorless solutions are mixed; one act as repressor usually vitamin C and other act as catalyst generally liquid starch and at first there is no change in color of the solution because no reaction occurs. After a short time interval, the solution rapidly turns to black. The reaction is termed as the clock reaction because the time taken by the reaction can be change by changing the concentration of vitamin C. In this experiment, the kinematics of Iodineclock reaction was studied, more precisely the effect of change in concentration of vitamin C on the time taken by iodine to turn the given solution of starch and hydrogen dioxide to black is studied.

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