Dance Experience

Published: 2021-09-01 08:25:10
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Dance Experience

I had the great opportunity to be a part of the Luz De Las Naciones at the conference center which was of celebration Latin Culture and each of the Latin countries. I was part of the choir, but I was able to see all the dances from the represented countries, such as Mexico, Perú, Guatemala, Paraguay, Argentina, etc. Some dances were telling a story, especially the more ancient dance, of Aztecs and Mayans, the Mayan dance told the story of how the world was created, first was the water, rivers, then were the plants, then the animals, and then the people. It was a story such well told with just music and dancing and costumes. The Aztecs' dance was more about the "White God" they adored and believed in.The more modern dances of each country was more of social, like the Argentinian and the Peruvian and Mexican dances, about courting and so much life and color and joy in their music and movement and clothing. The Guatemalan dance told the story of their everyday life of the common people, the men working, the women with the babies and making tortillas. My favorite apart from the Peruvian, being that that is where i am originally from, I enjoyed the Argentinian which consisted of a lot of stomping and the men had scarves they would whirl with style, the Paraguayan was only women, but a very happy feminine dance, lots of smiles on the women and the music was lighter but happy. The Mexican dances were very loud and also had stomping, one was all white clothing, beautiful dresses on the women, the other one was combined with a choir and singers and consisted of a very well known song. Each dance showed the best of each of their country and the authenticity also. I love dancing, whether it be social, ballroom, for exercise or in my room, I've always loved to dance, it's very important to me in my life.

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