Dark Night

Published: 2021-09-01 09:25:12
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Hello" everyone my name Mr. Collins Im here today to solve the missing of Mr. Miller. Mr. Miller went missing on May 1, 2011 at 10:00 p.m. in New York City, on new jack street in apartment 1B. I would like to call up Mr. Roylin to the stand. Now Mr. Roylin did u or not know Mr. Roylin. "Yes, I did know Mr. Miller. "How did you know Mr. Miller, "Mr. Miller was and old man who lived in room 22A, on the second floor. Mr. Miller never caused know problems so I don't know why he would go missing, he was always nice to everyone and never did nothing to make enemies. "So Mr. Roylin if he didn't caused problems or had enemies, why did Mr. Roylin go missing then. "I can't anser that question for you, "oh so you can't given me a anser to why he went missing. "No I can't, "I see so Mr. Roylin have you ever seen, "Mr. Miller doing something weird. "No I haven't, well then Mr. Roylin when was the last time you seen Mr. Miller, "I seen Mr. Miller on the same day he went missing at 5:00 p.m., I was going to his room to ask Mr. Miller if I can borrow some money to pay my light bill. "Oh so Mr. Miller had money to help out people around the apartment, "Yes he did have money to help out sometimes. "Mr. Roylin do you think somebody might have decided to take Mr. Miller money but he tryed to stop them, so they decided to end his life for good. "I don't know for sure if that's what happen to Mr. Miller. "You know what I think I think that's what realy happen to Mr. Miller cause we go some information from someone that lived in a room next to Mr. Miller and they said around 6:00 the same night Mr. Miller went missing they heard some noise coming from his room. "Well I don't know if that's what happen I wasn't around when it happen. "Oh but you said you went to his room at 5:00 to ask for money to pay your light bill. "So maybe Mr. Roylin if you are telling me a lie if I was you I would be trying to tell the truth to what happen to Mr. Miller, "cause right now you looking very bad. "Look I tould you the first time I didn't have nothing to do with the missing of Mr. Miller. "Ok Mr. Roylin you can just common down and go back to you seat Im done with you right now, "Thank you for your serves. "Your welcome, Mr. Collins. "Now I would like to bring out a friend of my's who know what happen to Mr. Miller on May 1, 2011 at 10:00 p.m. . "May you come out, Mr. Tuttle. "Hello Mr. Tuttle, so how you been, "I ben good but I'm sad about what happen to Mr. Miller that night. "Yes, we are all sad about the missing of Mr. Miller, but since you here can you tell me and everyone about what you saw that night. "Yes I can tell you what happen the night Mr. Miller went missing. "It was around 7:25 when I was coming in from work, as I was walking up the stairs

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