Day of Atonement Series Vs. Star Wars

Published: 2021-09-01 10:20:17
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Day of Atonement Series vs. Star Wars
Novelist and filmmakers alike use serials to entertain audiences more than once. There are many ways an artist can go about creating a series of works that tie together in a fashion to create a sort of extended story. Sometimes the author will create a story so that each piece will build upon the next and the past information if required. On the other hand, a writer may choose to make their work tie together more loosely; so that a reader may not have to go back into previous films or novels to understand the ideas of the piece being examined. The Day of Atonement is one novel with an eighteen year-long published serial of mystery type novels by Faye Kellerman. It will be compared to the critically acclaimed work of George Lucas' Star Wars films that was over thirty years in the making.
Both of the works have one huge thing in common: they are voluminous. This means that both would take a lot of time to read or view each book or film. The writers took this into consideration and it show. Kellerman wrote the books so that a reader can just pick up a novel and begin to submerge themselves into the story. That being said; there are a few details here and there in the book that would maybe be clearer with some background information. This doesn't stop the reader from being able to comprehend the story in anyway, nor does it take away from the effect of the novel. The same concept is paralleled in George Lucas' Star Wars. Each movie can be watched without really knowing the characters or the setting of the film. The plots in each film by Lucas and each novel by Kellerman are detached from the last; however, there is a bigger picture involved that is pieced together through viewing all the works.

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