Day of Change

Published: 2021-09-01 11:15:16
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Today is the day my life changes. It’s my first day of senior year at my new high school. My family and I moved to get a new start after my mom died. So we left our home in Nashville, Tennessee and moved all the way out to Los Angeles California.
Right now it is 7:00 am. I rolled out of bed and go to the bathroom adjacent to my room. I take a quick shower ad start getting dressed. I do my hair and do some light makeup. I eat my breakfast and lock up the house. I get in the car and try to start it. It wouldn't start my brother already left for his first day of work. It looks like I have to walk. I start walking in the direction of the school. I arrive at school and it is now 8:30. I finally locate the registrar, she is already talking to someone so I take a seat in one of the chairs. Once they finally finished talking it’s already 8:55. I walk up to her and get my class schedule and a map of the campus.
I quickly start walking towards my first period, since class already started. My first class is math, so I started walking towards the ath wing. As I was walking I started getting turned around in the halls and eventually ended up lost. Since everyone was in class there was no one to ask for directions. As I was turning corner while reading the map I bumped into someone. “ Oh, sorry. My bad I didn’t see you there.” said a boy around my age with soft brown eyes. “ I’ am sorry as well. If iI was paying attention this would not have happened.” I said to the boy. I am Jonathan Wilder by the way.” he said. “My name is Madison Taylor, I just moved here.” I introduced myself.

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