Decisions in Paradise II

Published: 2021-09-03 18:40:12
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Decisions in Paradise Paper, Part II
Cynthia Turner

The beautiful island of Kava had been struck with numerous natural disasters, and illnesses that had affected the islands people emotionally, physically, and economically. It is Calply's objective with the help of the islands religious groups, local governmental services, community organizations, and surviving local businesses to bring Kava out of its economic crisis and back to paradise. This paper will cover the decision-making techniques, identify the problems and solutions and explain how the organization decisions influence and impacts the proposed solution.

Calply is a corporation that distributes building materials. The company's goal is to build a new facility on the island of Kava, and use its materials to help build housing and businesses. The goal is to manufacture materials that can withstand these frequent natural disasters. Calply also plans to help build the economy by hiring new employees to work at the new warehouse. "Calply's mission is to satisfy their customers by providing quality products, excellent service, and fair prices to build a community" (Calply, 2011). Calply had to brainstorm with the government officials, labor unions, and local construction companies to come up with a business analysis to examine strategically and plan the general direction in which the company wanted to go to implement these ideas.

The five-step decision-making technique was to identify the problems and solutions. While using this technique it was discovered that there are several concerns that appear in the Kava business scenario that could be considered obstacles and challenges. Once the company started framing the problems, the team identified that finding a location to build the new warehouse in a year would be challenging, especially with natural disasters continually threatening the island. Finding qualified local people to hire could also pose as a problem, a majority of Kava's population are under the age of 15. Finding healthy, strong workers could also pose an obstacle with issues such as a risk for the avian flu and HIV/AIDS spreading over the island. The language barriers could be an obstacle because there are numerous native languages spoken on the island.

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