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Published: 2021-09-15 01:10:09
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Dell, Inc. Is a well-known multinational company in late 90's and early 20's when it comes to selling personal computer and they have the highest market share during those years. At first they used to buy old computers and resell it but in the long run of the business they change that strategy by constructing their own personal computer and sell it directly to the end consumers. This strategy makes Dell, Inc. became a multinational company and sell their products all over the world.
But in the early 20's they are already experience difficulty in penetrating the market due to many competitors that are already present in the market. They may have the highest market share compared with other companies but they have small revenue (net income). Since they are selling their products made to order many consumers especially the individual buyers they tend to buy the products that are present in the market.
To maintain being at the top, Dell, Inc. should new marketing strategy to compete with others and also gain large revenues. The company should sustain the competitive edge that they developed over decades to be more productive and continue to give quality service to the consumers through the products that they sell.
1. Dell should limit their business strategy of made to order or direct selling, and invest more on individual customer.

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