Description of the Concept of Cultural Safety and an Explanation of Its Relationship to Health

Published: 2021-09-14 08:35:10
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Description of the Concept of Cultural Safety and an Explanation of Its Relationship to Health
The concept of cultural safety analyzes discrimination in health institutions, imbalances of power, and the relationship existing between different parties in health institutions. Reading about cultural safety has helped me understand that indeed health caregivers should be knowledgeable about different cultural values and norms to provide effective and quality care as intended. I have realized that cultural safety is an important concept that should be considered during policy making in health institutions and in the designing of health programs. The concept of cultural safety is thus a tool used to deliver quality health care. Cultural safety has outcomes that are very important to health professionals since it improves the interactions between them. I can now define cultural safety as an understanding of one's personal culture in delivering health services by health professionals. It is therefore important for a health professional to understand that their personal culture can impact the delivery of care to others. With such an understanding, health professionals give out their services equally without discriminating on ethnicity or race.
The concept of cultural safety requires that health professionals become aware and sensitive of their culture. I understand that such professionals acquire good communication and recognize diversity of different views from different ethnic groups. I have learnt that indeed this concept of cultural safety encourages provision of fair and quality services to the patients since patients are addressed properly.
I have learnt that the concept of cultural safety is useful in improving the quality of health care by improving communication and making access to health services possible for all. Patients come from different ethnic groups, and health care professionals should understand this for them to deliver effectively. From the study of this concept of cultural safety, I now know that health care professionals should have cultural safety skills developed in them for appropriate practices. It is therefore important for health care institutions to train their staff regarding cultural safety. Practices in health care institutions need to be culturally safe to effectively deliver services to the clients. Through the concept of cultural safety, it is possible for health institutions to focus on social, power and structural inequities through the creation of consciousness towards inequalities.
I realized that like every other individual, the health professionals have cultures. This is why it is important to be aware of the culture to avoid inequalities in the practice starting from an individual level. When health professional are aware of their culture, they acknowledge the differences. By getting culturally sensitive, the health care professionals are able to respect every culture. They then become cultural competent in delivering their services. The health professionals also expose all inequities such social and political inequities, and are able to control powers in the institutions (Parsons 1990, pp. 135-141).

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