Development and Sale of Emergency Contraceptives in Chile

Published: 2021-09-10 14:40:08
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DATE: January 29, 2014

TO: Monica Zhang

FROM: Rachel Kim

SUBJECT: Development and Sale of Emergency Contraceptives in Chile

Chile is a Latin American country with a rich history, beginning with the rule of Spain's colonizers to the educational rule of the Roman Catholic Church to the election of President Salvador Allende to the takeover of General Augusto Pinochet. In the last 24 years, Chile has been attempting to rebuild and stabilize their nation, but every form of leadership stated has in some way set the foundation or bricks to a very oppressive, deleterious societal state for women. The law in this country used to stipulate that abortion was legal only in cases of rape or if the health of the mother was compromised. Before Pinochet stepped down, he ruled that abortion be illegal for any reason and 24 years later, Chile remains one of the four countries in the Americas to demonize abortion. Therefore, I propose the introduction of affordable, effective emergency contraceptives (EC) to the Chilean female market of all ages.

The building of a new Chile is deeply intertwined with the subjugation of the female population and their sexuality and freedom, which also springs from its past history. EC used to be available to any woman 14-years-old or older with parental consent, but this outraged the Catholics and patriarchal devotees. Therefore, the judicial court ruled that the distribution of contraceptives be banned. In turn, former President Michelle Bachelet attempted to secure access to contraceptives but was immediately shut down. In the last 6 years, EC has been removed from pharmacies, but only partially.

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