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Published: 2021-09-13 18:50:09
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is discussing Bowlby's theory of attachment and also a little of Ainsworth two cents in there too. John Bowlby's had basic constructs and stages of his theory. There was preattachment (birth to 6 weeks), Attachment in the making (6 weeks to 8 months), Clear-cut attachment (6 months to 24 months), and reciprocal relationship (18 months to 24 months). This was showing how a baby gets attached to human behavior. Also Stanley Greenspan had basic constructs on his theory. It was engagement, two- way communication, shared meanings, and emotional thinking. He shows how humans at a young age do things as the grown up and different areas.

is talking about life span. In our lives there are so many things we just don't understand. According to Baltes, Reese and Nesslroade life span is represented in human development rather than focusing on one theory. In this chapter also talks about the seasons of life which means childhood, and adulthood. They talked about measuring adult psychological well-being and the vies on personality and patterns of aging.

In chapter six it discussed the aspects of operations by Jean Piaget. Jean tells us about the phases of play which are Simple Reflexes, First habits and primary circular reactions phase, Secondary circular reactions phase, Coordination of secondary circular reactions stages, Tertiary circular reactions, novelty, and curiosity, and Internalization of Schemes. Jean Piaget breaks these steps down in this chapter also He focused a lot on young children which you can find it on page 101. Then there was L.S. Vygotsky his theory was way different from Mr. Piaget. Mr. Vygotsky believed through play the child develops abstract meaning separate from the objects in the world, which is a critical feature in the development of higher mental functions. They both had their differences, but I agree with Jean Piaget all the way.

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