Deviant Act

Published: 2021-09-13 19:00:05
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 Deviant behavior is behavior that violates the normative rules, understandings, or expectations of social systems. SOCIOLOGY OF DEVIANT BEHAVIOR presents a theoretical and empirical overview of the nature and meaning of deviance, examining in detail a number of forms of behavior commonly regarded as deviant. Deviance is actually an inescapable feature of modern, complex societies because such societies are characterized by a system of ranked social differentiation (stratification) that is generally associated with many types of socialDeviance. Every once in a while sociologists go bad—but for a good purpose. We call it a “breaching experiment. “There are some things in life that everyone knows are wrong, such as, arson, robbery, etc… (Well, just about everyone. There are a few exceptions who we call psychopaths). Society outlaws these activities and pays people to enforce these laws.Have you ever been in a place where you saw a person doing something out of the ordinary, and just thought to yourself, “How could that person be so weird?” We all are guilty of judging people at some point. If someone does not fit in with the norms in our society, see it as weird. Breaking a social norm was something I thought I would never have to do, it was hard for me to even think about doing. I like to fit in with society, and do all the normal things people do in society and follow all the norms. When I was given this assignment I was really nervous, I did not want people to judge me and think I was weird. Thinking of a social norm I should break was really challenging, I had to think about all the social norms I do every day. I thought the most bazar social norm that I could break would be, shopping for people. I thought it would be a good idea to select a shopping at grocery store with full cart, and walk up to my cart and start putting random items. This idea of shopping at grocery store was very interesting. There are no rules that are written down that say, you cannot shopping at grocery store with full cart. Some people would think that breaking this social norm would be deviant. Most people would look down on you and think you are being rude, and inconsiderate. The deviant behavior which I chose for my contract is to go to the grocery store .It was interesting to do this deviant behavior .I standed in the grocery store with a full cart and I have too many items in my cart at that time it’s not illegal but it’s actually a deviant behavior because it is actually violating the norms of a society. I was doing all this by standing in the express lane .this act creating difficulties for those people who were standing behind me  and the people were compelled to stand behind me due to my cart because I had put a lot of things in my cart and the cashier told me to stand in different lane but I stand in the express lane with full cart to prove that it’s a deviant act  and this Deviant behavior is  contrary to the dominant norms of society. The main reason for choosing this deviant behavior is that this deviant behavior all tell me a lot about society. What a society values, and what it accepts and does not accept, is a reflection of the society. I all also get to know that what causes it and how it might be prevented. By adopting this deviant behavior it is very important to focus on how what any given person considers to be deviant behavior is shaped by their culture, or "socially constructed", to use the official jargon. Thus any society is going to have its set of approved behaviors determined by its norms and values. This will differ from the behavior of other societies. Any person committing an act outside the "acceptable behavior" of their society is going to be labelled a deviant. 

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