Diagnosing an Issue in Need of Organizational Change

Published: 2021-09-12 17:55:11
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Priscilla BakerDiagnosing an Issue in Need of Organizational ChangeHRM 310April 3, 2017Diagnosing an Issue in Need of Organizational ChangeThe organization that Baker Human Resources Consultants analyzed was Tri-World Graphics.  Tri-World Graphics is a fairly new organization with only five locations nationwide and employs about 350 workers.  Tri-World Graphics has been in business since April 2014 and specializes in print screen tees, graphics and specialty sign graphics.  Tri-World has several issues that may significantly impact their ability to thrive and become a true competitive force in the business market.  Tri-World’s leading issue involves management and their lack of true leadership skills.  In fact, after many hours of observation the leadership can only be described as toxic.  Tri-World’s management staff is comprised of egotistical people who are placed in a leadership role that they are not prepared for.  The management staff is clearly undertrained and overwhelmed which makes it almost impossible for them to ensure that Tri-World Graphics is a success.  Employee morale is low due to a true lack of leadership skills and a lack of uniform company procedure and employee policy.  Employee training is haphazard and there is no organizational code of conduct or training for employees to follow.   Management is not being regularly trained and therefore they cannot successfully manage and train the workers that they are in charge of.   There is no team involvement within the organization which makes it hard for the company to succeed when employees and management are not all working toward the same common goals and striving to achieve the missions of the organization.    In order for Tri-World to be a success major internal structural changes and training must be implemented.  A performance management plan should be implemented to eliminate all unprofessional behavior and provide employees clarification on the mission, goals and objectives of the organization.  There should be training classes offered to all employees and management so that the company can thrive and not be overtaken by the competition.  Customer service must become a top priority if this organization is to succeed.    If customers are not satisfied or unimpressed upon their initial visit and consultation they are not likely to be returning customers or recommend the services of Tri-World Graphics to others.   Tri-World Graphics should also implement and use the processes within the Change Path Model to ensure that management and the organization are flowing in the same direction and working toward accomplishing the company’s goals.   Dr. John Kotter created an eight step model for organizational change which if implemented correctly can correct and solve the management issues here at Tri-World Graphics.   As Kotter’s eight step model was designed to mold managers to deal with change.   In his model Kotter expresses how to create a climate of change within the first three steps and in order for a company to be successful they must be willing to make any necessary adjustments and adapt to change.    The model also describes how to successfully implement and maintain changes within the organization.  

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