Dick Smith - a Retailer Case Study

Published: 2021-09-12 18:40:07
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Pre- Purchase Stage
As a writer on mystery shopping, I've also got a chance to visit a store where I analyzed various factors applied by the organization to satisfy the customers. In order to share my views and recommendations, I've had to take a detailed insider's look. Here's what I found:
As per my task I had to visit any event or any organization so I decided to visit some company. Now the question was which organization I should visit. So I thought about my pending shopping if I need something than I strike I need a pouch for my mobile which can be fit on belt. And I can get this only at some mobile store or some electronic store. One of my friends once told me about a retail store named Dick Smith that it provides all the products related to electronics and handsets at a reasonable price. So I decided to visit Dick Smith

About the Organization:
As it was a mystery act to visit an organization so firstly I collected some information about the organization so that I can have an idea about their services. So following is the information I have collected about Dick Smith from internet and my colleagues.
Dick Smith is an electronics retailer founded in 1968 by Richard dick Smith. It provides following products:
Electronic kits, electronic components, alarm systems, landline and mobile telephones, electronic test equipment, tools, speakers, car audio, personal computers, books, antennas.
Its Headquarters is in Chullora, New South Wales, Australia. They have their branches in United States, New Zealand & India other than Australia.

Some of early days of Dick Smith:
The business started in 1968 in a small rented space below a car park in the Sydney suburb of Artarmon, New South Wales, with a total capital of only $610. In 1969 the business's success required it to move to bigger premises. After touring overseas electronic stores to study modern merchandising methods, Smith introduced self-serve shopping and produced a mail-order annual catalogue with a substantial data section. To ensure almost every electronic enthusiast in Australia had one of his catalogues, it was included free in the popular electronics magazines such as Electronics Australia and Electronics Today International.

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