Different Culture Habits

Published: 2021-09-10 20:05:07
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In this situation Kathy didn't take any time to understand the different culture habits or get to know her team members. She also failed to consult them on their thoughts of how to better be more proficient to meet the project milestones. Demanding someone to work long hours versus asking them usually results in disgruntled employees. Unhappy employees can make minor adjustments in their habits to make it look like they are busy when in actuality they are dragging their feet.
In order to avoid instances like this one, it would be best to meet with your team at the beginning and present your expectations as a PM and allow for feedback or discussion to ensure most everyone is onboard with the possible demands of the project.

What was the Problem
Kathy's issue was simple; she did not know who she was working with. She didn't know the cultural differences or even the differences in work practices. These are the first things that need to be researched before engaging with a team from another country. Many times we assume everyone is like us. In other countries that can be a big mistake.
Reasons why Kathy Faced Difficulties
Some typical problems when working with people from other cultures is not knowing the right thing to say, the right way to say it and what is my body language saying. (Bong-soo 2012)These three things can create misunderstandings in the work place from day one. One has to know the cultural differences in the workplace. Most other cultures prefer to not work more than 40 hours. Other countries see age as wisdom so if you are younger than your subordinates then it creates a sticky situation. Also the way you address people in other cultures can be offensive if not done correctly. (Reis 2012)

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