Digging into Content Marketing - a Study to Identify the History, Scope and Differential Content Marketing Elements as a Marketing Strategy

Published: 2021-09-13 02:35:09
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[pic 1]DIGGING INTO CONTENT MARKETING  - A Study to Identify the History, Scope and differential Content Marketing Elements as a Marketing StrategySushmita (2017057)Author SushmitaTitleDigging into Content Marketing – A study to identify the history, scope and differential Content Marketing Elements as a Marketing StrategyCompanyScriblab Solutions July 15, 2018PurposeWith the development of Digital Marketing, content marketing has grown significantly as a popular marketing strategy, over the last few years. Though the term is new, parts of the technique have long been used by companies. Two-way communication has now replaced one-way communication in the corporate world with the advent of the digital era. Relevant, valuable and engaging content is the demand of the customer today. The purpose of this study is to develop an understanding with regard to the strategy of content marketing in general and the differential elements that distinguish the same from other forms of marketing. A realistic philosophy along with an abductive approach is the base of this study. Based on past research different definitions of the content marketing strategy have been used to develop a model of the differential elements. Qualitative data collected through semi-structured interviews has been conducted with seven participants to understand and explore the perception regarding important aspects and obtain fresh insight about the strategy. The findings indicate consensus regarding some important factors, even though there is a differentiation between companies. Suggestions for further research include examination of how the results of content marketing are measured and what is the perceived v/s actual return on investment for the companies. The results contribute towards the clarification of the essential aspects that must be considered while using the strategy for marketing and customer engagement. With an aim to facilitate better understanding of the concept of content marketing strategy, the results are useful for individuals as well as firms beginning to work with content marketing. It will help the company offer clear and highly specified content marketing solutions to clients in a highly structured manner and increase the delivery of value by their content marketing solutions. KeywordsContent marketing, online marketing, digital marketing, marketing strategies, branded content, social media optimizationPrepared ForGoa Institute of ManagementSubmitted toDr. Anamika SinhaAcknowledgementsThis study concludes the study conducted during my Summer Internship Program. The internship offered a great chance of learning and developing a clear framework to continue a dream project. I consider myself a lucky individual to be provided with the opportunity as well as encouragement to pursue an entrepreneurial venture as part of my Summer Internship. I am grateful to Professor Raj V. Amonkar (Associate Professor and Chair: PGDM-FT, Goa Institute of Management), for the same.

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