Digitally Recruited

Published: 2021-09-15 08:35:04
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Digitally Recruited

I read a very interesting quote today .. 'Life is too short to live the same day twice'

Changing and accepting change is the challenge here. We have progressed into the digital world. We haven't left behind the basics but we've advanced, we've manipulated the basics to match up to our technological advancements.

Word of mouth marketing still exists, but it's left the grapevine and gossip circles for a more tech savvy society called social media networking and digital marketing.

Moving to the important issue of sourcing and recruitment today!

When I started my career as a recruiter in an IT company, the industry had advanced to using SAP generated databases, pipeline records, scanning 1000 of cv's that were filtered through primitive search engines and of course, cold calling techniques.

Getting back to this industry after a considerable amount of years, the system still remains the same but only now the filters are sophisticated and the results are streamlined. The focus is now on creating a brand and then carrying out the function of recruitment. The most important questions asked today in recruitment are the profile of the agency and then the company recruiting for a job.

Social media networking websites are no longer distractions but a means of increasing revenue and brand visibility. Profiles on LinkedIn have more weightage than the cv of the candidate. Nobody reads the classifieds any more for jobs but waits for the recruiters to source them.

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