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Published: 2021-09-13 20:10:09
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According to the DISC profile, I am considered a Developer. This means that emotions are based on meeting my own personal needs. When I was working for a large corporation, I thought about everyone's needs, not just my own (always concerned with employees sales metrics). The Developer pattern also states that using forceful behavior is common and to that I must agree. When I am the boss, I do tend to be very assertive and demanding. I expect that people should be trained in their job, do their job, and not complain about it. When my new employees were hired by Human Resources they were given a detailed description of their duties, their pay rate, and possible hours. Once they are in my department and I hear complaining then I tend to be very upset because they were aware of all the things they are complaining about when they took the job. I will call a meeting and demand they either do their job without complaint, or they can clock out go home, or I will find someone else to work there.
When it comes to my strengths I know from experience that hard-working and perseverance is a great one. I took a job that required a lot of manual labor that was painful on my back at the end of the day. Instead of crying about it I did the job, working eighty hours a week and eventually getting promoted because of it.
My weakness is a different story. I can say that the only weakness I will admit to is lack of patience. As a manager I was required to train any new employees that came to my office. I had new guy that just did not seem to understand even basic directions. Halfway into his training I lost my temper, called him an unflattering name, and sent him home. Needless to say, he did not return to work and I was written up by my General Manager.

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