Disney's Movie Mulan

Published: 2021-09-13 13:50:08
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My chosen text is Disney's movie Mulan which is about a girl warrior who disguises herself as a man to fight in China's Imperial Army against the invaders. Mulan is a beautiful and clever woman however she can't conform to her society's standard about how women are supposed to be. She joins the army to replace her father's place because he is too sick to fight. As she joins the army she found her true self and proved her worth outside of her traditional bound society.

* The movie explores the identity of traditional women in ancient china and how they are categorised against men.
I. In ancient china or even up to present, family life is the vocation of women. Their duties and responsibilities are to take care of their husbands, nurture children and do housework such as cleaning and cooking.
II. While the responsibility of men is to work outside for instance, culturing crops.
III. Women must also follow so many values that are imposed to them, for instance, women must hold their tongue in men's presence. This is shown in the movie (show the clip 14:45-58). In this scene, it clearly shows that women don't have the right to speak and say their opinion, they don't have the freedom of speech and it also shows the superiority of men and how women are oppressed.

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