Diversity Case

Published: 2021-09-13 08:05:11
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Google Corporation is a family oriented business that has grown a lot over the years. The mixed culture and diversity of the business has made Google is today, a family. The diversity of Google has impacted the four functions of management a great deal.

Diversity can be both positive and negative in any business. With Google, the positive side is that Google focus on the ability rather than the experience of the employee. Google has multi-languages used all over the world which helps to keep things and information running smoothly through each office. Google's results are from a team effort and not of an individual.

The negative side of diversity is that stereotyping and/or discrimination can undermined the effective communication of international teams which can cause conflicts and misunderstanding. Loosemore and Al Muslmani (1999 p95) argue that problems related to inter-cultural communication can be overcome by developing sensitivity to cultural diversity.

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