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Published: 2021-09-14 14:35:10
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Category: Social Issues

Type of paper: Essay

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I. Point of View:

II. Statement of the Problem:

The dilemma of Al Burns whether to compromise his personal values and standards to adapt to company's standards and ethics as being part of the real world.

III. Objective/s:

To conform to company standards and ethics without compromising the personal values of Al Burns.

To make quality work for profits to the company without jeopardizing the safety and welfare of the customers and other users and without shortchanging them of what they paid for.

IV. Areas of consideration:

1. Al Burns is an engineering student from a reputable university and considered as a laborer without any authority and was hired as summer help of C.B. Construction. He attempts to apply his engineering know-how to the jobs at hand to make them first rate work. He is confused as to go along the business practice of Kevin Fields which involves cutting corners.
2. Kevin Fields is the sole owner and operator of C. B. Construction. He never went to college and just borrowed money to finance his business and build it from there by underbidding all the other contractors for construction projects. He is covertly envious of Burns educational attainment, thus, does not appreciate the efforts of Burns to apply what he knows as an engineering graduate.

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