Do We Live in a "global Village?

Published: 2021-09-14 15:10:12
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Do we live in a 'Global Village'?
The Revolution of communication and new technology enable people to connect each other any time and wherever they are. Online facilities and media break down the time and the geographical boundaries between nations. "The speed of transmission ... made both space and time seem to have been truncated, or to have collapsed entirely"(Schirato, & Webb, 2003: 46). As a result, people can share their feelings, information, culture, and experiences to the whole world. The entire world is connecting and sharing the same concepts of many aspects of their life as they live in a one village. That clarify how the world is became a small place which became known as the "Global Village". Existence of that village is re-shaping the description of many dynamic aspects throughout the world. Thus, as Beynon and Dunkerley (2000), said that the concept of global village has an impact on the lives of everyone life in the world. The impact of the global village can be clarified by the impact of media, economy and political. These are the three hyperactive activities are proving the concept of living in a global village.
Media and global village are always connecting and related to each other. Media is a way of transmits information from different fields and converge events that are happening all over the world. It applies the notion of global village, which is to collapse the space and time barriers. To illustrate, traditional media start using technological tools to news coverage and spread the news to the whole globe. As a result, different types of media provide opportunities for people to connect actively and exchange experiences. Tunisian revolution for instance, is clarifying how media played a vital role in gathering people to interact with each other. According to Ghannam (2011), media was the platform of freedom of speech for people. Therefore, media and social media in particular was a device that influences people to demand their rights and change the stranglehold of the state. On the other hand, news channels which coverage the Tunisian revolution were broadcasting the news at the same time as they occur. Pictures, videos, interviews and reports were all available and frequently updated on various form such as: international and local satellite channels, social media, channels web sites and all form of digital communication. As a result of that, Eltantawy and Wiest (2011), illustrated that other people in different countries have been influenced and started their own revolution. For instance, Egypt, Libya, Russia, and China were followed the Tunisian approach of changing the reality. That clarified the impact of media technologies, which illustrate how the world became a global village.

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