Doctor's Helping at the End of Life

Published: 2021-09-14 15:30:10
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Maturing and being developed in life, you have all kinds of turns and changes that make you into the individual that you currently are today. I would like to take a look at the most un talked part of life, the end of life. I personally just gave my mother of 93 years of age body to science to Saint Louis University School of Medicine on December 20, 2010. May I say that in all of my years of being a caregiver you are never pre-pared for the end of life regardless of how much time you are given to make them happy and be prepared yourself? You are always asking God for just little more time for you to be ready. You are never; never ready to do the final part for your love one. This is a personal issue for me and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to express this most loving and caring part of life.
The Art of Knowing
Knowing that we will not be here for every we as a society much understand and embrace the PAS (patient Assistant Suicide). As the population ages we will see this more and more. Some want no pain, no services to be done by the physician. They want only the pain medicine and their family and friends who have loved them to be around when the moment occurs. Once you see your love one being poked, and doctored to the point of you saying enough is enough.
Fighting Phase
I have felt the pain Dr. Susan described in her article. I would care daily most of the day and night with little relieve from the medications, treatments for (COPD), sticking for blood sugars, nurses, cna's come to help, respite care for she and I. The grind is so much that you just go through the stages, and stages until you must return to the emergency room for a new stage that would occur. You would give information from doctor to nurse to admission and then the long wait to get them to floor and make sure that she was settled in for the night/day. Once the sun would shine you would go again with the house doctor or the replacement for your physician. You are just exhausted, exhausted and exhausted. You mood would swing and you would kill just to not answer any more questions for the day. Then you find a doctor or nurse who just readings the prior chart to get some help to help your love one. A ray of hope in the fight that you are fighting for them.

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