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Published: 2021-09-12 10:45:10
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I. Title of the program: I Witness GMA documentary show
a) Title of the episode: Batang Tambol

II. Summary
Every time we pass the road of Mabolo one of the busiest street in Cebu City it would be impossible to notice children having their drum. Ijhon, jayson ,Omart , are few of those whom they call the drummer boys. Who could not notice them every time they play modern songs like Don't Matter by Akon or Get Low by Florida and other songs. They are approaching vehicles and hoping they would receive even a Peso whenever they play their drums made by scraps PVC pipes and cans bound by a thick rubber band to make a drum set. At very young age Jayson wanted so much to save money for the treatment of his grandmother's eyes. After a few hours they got hungry and bought ice cream treated by some taxi and jeepney drivers because they didn't want their earnings to reduce. After cooling they went back to the heat of the street not mindful of the hotness of the pavement where they tread barefoot. Their dreams for each of their families may be pure innocence but it is still dangerous for them to be crisscrossing the street every day and could cost them their lives. The drummer boys' feared has arrived, the Cebu Integrated Traffic Operation Management (CITOM). They are the ones who will apprehend these children like Jayson. Cebu City has implemented the City ordinance 1631 which prohibits and penalizes any person begging alms in the streets and in public, because of this the drummer boys has no choice but to go home. The documentary group asked Jayson some question and they found out that he lives in Basilan.his father was killed in Basilan because he was a member of Abu Sayaff. Jayson is one of the member of Badjao Tribe who left Basilan, Sulu and migrated to Cebu and now residing with the Badjao community at Alaska Mambaling Cebu.

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