Documented Accomplishments - Teacher as Learner

Published: 2021-09-14 15:50:10
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Danielle Norris

Dr. Brasell

MSED 7000

3 December 2008

Documented Accomplishments

Teacher as Learner

The first accomplishment significant to my "teacher as learner" role is my decision to continue my education after receiving my certification. For a moment, I thought about not completing the second phase of the ACT program, but I thought better of it as I became especially interested in how students learn and create meaning. It is definitely a sacrifice to drive nearly a hundred miles to class in the middle of the week-- not to mention the hours it takes during that same week to read and complete assignments. Being a graduate student also means not always being the best friend, daughter, or wife you could be. The time restraint on an already busy teacher leaves little time for your personal life. It is true the sacrifice is great, but it will be worth the inconvenience if I gain the knowledge to reach the students I couldn't reach before I began grad school. The knowledge I gain in this graduate program will give me the tools I need to impact student achievement as I continue to be reflective of my professional practice to insure that I am accessible to diverse learners. Evidence for this accomplishment could be my diplomia!

The second accomplishment that addresses my "teacher as learner" role is my active interest and participation in my professional organization. The National Council for the Teachers of English (NCTE) provides educators with a network of support in all areas of his or her professional practice. Through my membership with NCTE, I am provided with the latest topics of debate in my field, researched-based practices in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals, lesson plans, advice, and opportunities to attend professional development conferences. My membership is significant because I paid the membership fee which is beyond what is required of me at my job. It is also not required that I turn in evidence of my use of research-based practices, although I often do because NCTE makes it so accessible to me. The knowledge gained from my membership in NCTE directly impacts my teaching. When a teacher feels encouraged, inspired, and supported, which is the feeling NCTE gives me, he or she can make a significant impact on students. Evidence for this accomplishment could be the journals they send to me through the mail.

Teacher as Leader and Collaborator

One accomplishment for my "teacher as leader and collaborator" role would be my seat on school council. PCHS School Council is a group of teachers, parents, students, administrators, and active community members who work together to improve student achievement. The school council meets once a month to discuss current issues or problems at the school as well as to acknowledge student accomplishments in academics, extracurricular, and athletics. This is significant because it helps keep communication open with everyone involved in the success of a student. It is also important because one of the indicators

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