Does Color Affect Purchasing Preferences?

Published: 2021-09-14 16:10:09
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In fact, color is an inevitable part of the image of any object, therefore, colors play considerable role in our everyday life. Many companies use different technics based on color in their marketing strategies in order to persuade people to purchase their products. Everybody can easily remember bright stickers on supermarket's shelves or But, in reality, does colors drives our customer's behavior? I personally believe, it is not mainly true.

Even though it is hard to argue that colors can evoke emotions and desire to buy something that is even not necessary, these are haphazard cases, being met not very often. In my opinion, there are much more important factors, taken into account by customers, such as overall design, price, quality etc.

When we, for example, plan to buy a car we first of all think about its brand, engine power, exterior and interior design, comfort and reliability. And finally, we choose a color. I do not know anyone who would come to a dealer and ask: "What model do you have in red?"

The results of several researches suggest that color schemes and decoration of shops can alter customers mood and create additional motivation to purchase. Conversely, as far as I am concerned, we can easily find factors that are of greater importance, such as location and range of products.

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