Does Everyone Feel Sorrow?

Published: 2021-09-13 09:35:10
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Does everyone feel sorrow? That is the initial question to a much larger problem, for it does seem as if some people do not. In any given city you'd be able to tell the different from an 'emo', and a 'regular'. An emo not necessarily being a dark clad hater, they are just people who feel an emotion to the extreme; someone unable to cope with this emotion in such a way as for it to be invisible to others. Say that this feeling is sorrow. Are these people feeling more sorrow than other people do, or are they worse at coping with the feeling? That is the greater problem.

On one hand, the people who lets there darkest emotion show have issues coping with them, and lets them show on the ground that they cannot conceal them. However, whether or not this coping arises from the mental strength of character, from experience, or simply from honesty, is the issue that is presented to me in my mind, and what I need to clarify on, in order to deal with it myself.

Maybe being emotional about a problem, in a way that others might recognize, make the given problem easier to cope with, because you in turn do not also have to cope with the problem that you are not understood. If you carry with you an aura of dread and despair, will people not recognize these emotions in you? You might not acknowledge so yourself, but part of the problem in concealing sorrow arises from the fact that everyone else carries on the way they did before. Life goes on without you, if no one stops to take a second glance at the emotional individual, and as such, giving room for your dark emotions might make others give you the time and space you need to overcome these burdens you carry.

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