Does the Amount of Holes in the Can Affect How Many Times the Can Spins?

Published: 2021-09-13 09:45:11
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Hero’s EngineQuestion: Does the amount of holes in the can affect how many times the can spins?Hypothesis: If the scientist pokes more holes into the can, it will spin two more times for every hole there is in the can. Materials: 1. Pencils                 2. Notebook                 3. 3 cans                 4. A five Gallon Bucket                 5. Yarn/stringProcedures: 1. Write down your hypothesis of how many times the can is going to spin.                  2. Poke 2 holes into the first can with a sharpened pencil. Make sure you put each hole 1.5 cm above the bottom and each hole 2cm between each hole. Punching the hole with your pencil quickly would help make a more accurate answer.                   3. Tie a dead not with a piece of string that is 1 foot long. Make the dead not with one side 10 inches and the other side 2 inches.                  4. Fill the 5 gallon bucket halfway full and immerse the can into the water for 10 seconds.                  5. Lift the can with the long end of the string quickly upwards and count how many times the can spun. Hold there until all of the water had been completely emptied and don’t leave until the thing stops spinning for 5 seconds

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