Domestic Oil Subsidization Impact on the Saudi Economy

Published: 2021-09-06 10:40:30
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Domestic Oil Subsidization Impact on the Saudi Economy

King Saud University
Motaz Alturayef

Table of Contents
1. Introduction 2
2. Current Consumption Trend 2
Population Growth 2
Oil Consumption 3
Water 4
3. Effects of Low Energy Prices 5
Increased burden on Government 5
How Can we be and Oil Independent Country 8
4. Conclusion 10

1. Introduction
Saudi Arabia the largest oil producer in the work is facing economic challenges due to the increasing domestic consumption trends. The consumption trend is attributed to three factors: population, standard of living and efficiency of the economy. Saudi's oil extreme dependence on oil revenue, about 90% of total GDP, has a great negative long term economic effects.
I this paper we will look at the reasons behind this catastrophic trend. We shed some light of the impact of subsidizing oil for the local consumption. In this regard we look at the cultural impact, environmental impact. Then possible improvements for the Saudi economy will be discussed.
2. Current Consumption Trend
Population Growth
On the of the main factors contributing to the high domestic growth in the oil consumption is population growth. Population achieved 19% growth from 2000 to 2010. One thing to notice is that year over year growth is declining which is good for the future of Saudi Arabia and will help easy the pressure on the growing domestic oil consumption.

Oil Consumption
Due the subsidization the oil consumption in Saudi Arabia is increasing at an uncontrolled dangerous way. Saudi Arabia is consuming 2.3Mb/day which accounts for about 25% of total production. This is %50 higher than its consumption in year 2000. From the preceding numbers one can see that enrgey consumption is increasing as rate more than population. This is due the high consumption culture that has been built over the years because of the subsidy of the Electricity, water, and gas fuel. The below figure shows the Saudi Oil production, export and consumption.

The below graph (Figure.3) show the oil consumption per person per year, this is useful to assess how wore off relative to other countries. You can notice that Saudi consumption is hiting about 40 bbl/person/year and word average is about 5 bbl/person/year. The second highest in the graph is united states siting at about 22 bbl/person/year. However, the USA does not have an increasing trend like the case in Saudi. So it is clear that the domestic consumption can be reduced to almost half if its current state.

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