Downfall of the Romanovs - the Romanov Dynasty

Published: 2021-09-12 13:40:10
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The Romanov Dynasty was destroyed as a result of various disastrous events and crucial mistakes made by Tsar Nicholas Romanov II. The Tsar's incompetence and poor leadership ultimately led to his family's centuries long rule coming to end. The growing political awareness of Russia's workers, the failure to introduce reforms following the 1905 revolution, the hardships of WWI, the growth of political parties in opposition to the Tsar and the incompetence of the Tsarina all played a part in the fall of Romanov Dynasty - However, all of the aforementioned factors were either worsened due to or were a result of the Tsar's poor decision making and lack of financial planning.

Tsar Nicholas was politically naive and had a tendency to trust the wrong people. He was not interested in government business and did not have the confidence in his ability to rule. That said, Nicholas refused to make reforms for fear of undermining his autocratic power, and used military force in answer to demands for reforms. The events of Bloody Sunday prove this much, and whilst the order to fire on a peaceful, unarmed crowd may not have come from Nicholas himself, it shows the results of his trusting the wrong people with authority. The Tsar was unwilling to follow through on the promises he made to the people, as evidenced by his dealings with the October Manifesto. The Tsar's poor leadership was a large factor in the downfall of his family's dynasty because it worsened situations and resulted in widespread discontent among his people.

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