Dream Car

Published: 2021-09-13 11:00:08
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Dream Car

My dream car would be the Nissan GTR. I have wanted this car for many years now. This car is pretty expensive and that is a reason that it would take so long to get. It is almost one hundred thousand dollars. To get this car you would need a good paying career and have to give payments unless you were to win the lottery. The monthly payments on this car would be around one thousand to three thousand dollars that is if you don't get it on sale. The career I would want to get this car would probably be a civil engineer. I will like to buy after I finished paying off my debt if I have any from loans or credit cards. The college I would like to attend would be university of Texas at Austin on a 4 year course. I would like have gotten my master's degree. The insurance needed for this car would cost around two hundred to three hundred dollars a month which is full coverage insurance.
There are a lot of reasons I would buy this car or recommend it to a friend. I like that the car is able to fit four passengers that way it is not just me and someone else I could have two other people. I also like the fact that the car has a lot of features that make the car awesome. One of my favorite features is the heated driver's seat that way I could be warm in the winter. The engine is also great, it is a V'6 cylinder engine and is turbocharged. The other good thing is that it is all drive that if the front tires get stuck then the back tires could pull the car out. The fact that the car is keyless is another plus for me. I also like the fact that the car already comes with wireless navigation and hands free calling. Another good thing for me is the fact that the car has leather seats. I like leather seats because they are just easier to maintain because it won't get stained easily and if you do spill something you could just wipe it off and clean it up unlike cloth seats. The only bad thing that I don't like about leather seats is the fact that they heat up very easily in the summer and can burn you. Overall, the car is great other than one fact which is the mileage the car gets per gallon, it is pretty low. The color I would want for the car is gun metallic.
The car also has many features that make it more efficient. Some of these features make it easier to drive and protect you from your surroundings and make it less necessary to get it fixed most of the time. One of the features is the Nissan/Brembo® braking system. This system makes it less likely that you would burn out our brakes when you are going down a steep hill. In traditional brakes you would probably burn out the brake pads and might cause damage to the tires. With this type of brake system you won't have those problems. When you are braking and the brakes are heating up, unique floating discs rotors expand freely from

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