Dream Layer Within a Layer Within a Layer of Inception

Published: 2021-09-13 14:15:09
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Dream Layer within a Layer within a Layer of Inception
When I first saw this movie I was amazed by the concept and the theme of the movie. The movie Inception is based on the concept of dreams. The movie Inception was released in year 2010 and, it was directed and written by Christopher Nolan. The film collected $820,186,685 worldwide by 14 November 2010. According to Roger Ebert from Chicago Sun-Times, "Christopher Nolan spent ten years writing his screenplay for the movie Inception and he also researched about the behavior of men when he is dreaming." Christopher Nolan directs an international star cast in his original science fiction action movie which travels around the globe and intimate inside the dream. The movie's only protagonist is Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb. Ellen Page as Ariadne and, Marion Cotillard (French Actress) as Mal are supporting characters; however, they play a really important role in Dom Cobb's life. There were also several major roles played by supporting cast by Joseph Gordon - Levitt as Arthur, Tom Hardy (British Actor) as Eames, Ken Wantanabe (Japanese Actor) as Saito, Dileep Rao as Yusuf, Cillian Murphy (Irish Actor) as Robert Fischer, and Tom Berenger as Peter Browning. According to Roger Ebert, "Christopher Nolan spent ten years writing his screenplay for the movie Inception and he also researched about the behavior of men when he is dreaming." The movie Inception is a science-fiction thriller and it also has a great French music by Hans Zimmer (German Musician). Christopher Nolan is known for his creativity and his audiences can clearly see his research of ten years for the movie. I enjoyed the movie while I was watching and the entire star cast has given their best performance to represent their characters. Inception is clearly a master class of architecture, behavior of human dreams, and the mazes build inside the dream.
Leonardo DiCaprio plays a character of Dom Cobb, main male protagonist of the film, and he is a professional thief, he steals ideas from people's mind when their in their dreams. Dom Cobb's character is the main focus of the movie and he is past is the reason to create an inception. DiCaprio's work continues to surprise me with how he plays different roles in all his movies. When Romeo+ Juliet and Titanic released he became a teenage heart throb of many girls, but during his later part of the career he started playing a mature and serious roles in movie like Blood Diamond and Shutter Island. In Inception he plays a roll of a thief who is confused about what is real and unreal. Ann Hornaday says that "Cobb makes his living with navigating the minds of other people, sharing their dreams and stealing ideas in an elaborate psychological gambit known as extractions." This performance led Leonardo DiCaprio win an award in "Scream Award for Best Science fiction Actor." Brodie thinks that "DiCaprio is certainly "infected' by the role of Cobb; he shows tremendous focus and drive within a very difficult psychological role." Leonardo DiCaprio expressions in the movie make us think that if he is dreaming throughout the whole movie or everything is happening in real life. Shella feels that "Inception is intellectual (although perhaps not as deep as it thinks it is), and without DiCaprio's sense of meat-and-potatoes reality, of loss, of urgency (he must get back to his kids), the film wouldn't be grounded at all."

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