Drowning Case

Published: 2021-08-31 19:55:10
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As soon as I dove in, the jolt of extreme cold swept my entire body. The salt water rushed up my nose during the impact, causing me to cough. It felt good against my hot and sticky skin, the ice cold water of the dark, deep Mediterranean. I looked around me, trying to find my cousins. They were already halfway towards the cove. I swam after them, hoping that I would catch up, but it would be ultimately impossible. They were all swimmers from prestigious swimming teams. As they swam farther and farther away, I began to get nervous. The feeling of emptiness at my feet scared me. There was nothing for my feet to keep me from falling to the depths of the gloomy waters. I tried to swim harder, but it felt like the cove was running away. Hoping that it would help, I thrashed through the treacherous waves as swiftly as I could, stroke after stroke. Suddenly, an excruciating pain disseminated throughout my left leg, a cramp. In my mind, I thought to myself, "I'm so done-zo" which means I'm done for. The pain was pounding through my leg and I started to panic. I decided to swim back to the yacht. With only one leg and two arms I tried to swim, but it was more like I was splashing through the water producing little movement. My leg wasn't the only thing that was pounding, my heart was running marathons. I continued trying to swim but as soon as I thought that I was succeeding, agonizing pain shot up my shoulder. Now, with only two limbs I tried swimming through the pain to the boat in the distance. It seemed like so far and that I wouldn't make it. The waves hit me like army trucks which made me swallow large gulps of water numbing my tongue which tasted bitter from all the salt. I could feel my throat getting tighter because of it. It was stinging my eyes and it was hard to see where I was going. I could feel my muscles in my painless limbs start to shutdown. My body was becoming exhausted; I wasn't going to make it. "Is this it?" I kept thinking to myself as I flailed through the water. There were so many things I haven't done yet. All of the memories of my close friends and family were flashing by. I thought about how I would never see them again and how I was about to experience how dying felt like. But determined to stay alive, I didn't stop; I swam and swam arduously, slowly toward the boat. Squinting through the pain in my eyes, I couldn't even tell where I was going. I tried to keep my head above water and occupied by thoughts so I wouldn't succumb to unconsciousness due to fatigue. And just when I was about to give up and lay there helplessly and abandoned in the dark sea, my hand touched the dear sweet, chilled metal of a ladder.

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