Drunk Driving

Published: 2021-09-14 22:05:10
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One of the biggest problems we face today in our society is drunk driving. For years people and organizations such as MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, have been trying to put an end to drunk driving since 1980. Candice Lightner, founder of MADD established this organization after her daughter was tragically killed by a drunk driver (www.Madd.org). However, we are still aware of this terrible action being taken place each and every day. Innocent victims are still losing their lives by drivers who are under the influence of alcohol and there needs to be something done to stop this awful crime. Over the years there has been stricter penalties being enforced in certain states. However, drunk driving is still a major problem in which we need to address immediately.

I believe there is a solution to this problem we are facing. I propose that the entire country enforce a zero tolerance policy. Many states already have a zero tolerance policy in place in which the person convicted of driving under the influence pay stiff penalties and license suspension. For example, in the state of Illinois if a person has a blood alcohol content over .08 you will have your license suspended for a minimum of one hundred and eighty days and is faced with paying stiff fines as well (Brindley,www.writers-free-reference.com).

However, I believe the only way to really put an end to drunk driving is by implementing a law that would take away ones license for life if convicted of a DUI. By this law going into effect, I believe that people would be more cautious in their actions. This law will make people afraid to drink and drive because they will know the consequences of their actions will greatly affect their way of life. However, for many this law will not be a popular one. As a society we believe in giving second chances but I feel the time has come to give our people an ultimatum, if you choose to drink and drive and you have surpassed your states legal limit you will lose your license for life. As for second chances, in the state of Colorado judges are notorious for letting drunk drivers get a second and even a third chance. People in Colorado receive different penalties depending on the judges, which I believe is unfair (www.denverpost.com8/16/2009).
There will be no second chances given. If we did give second chances then the law would be useless, and the people in our society would go back to their care free ways of knowing that they will get a second chance to make up for their mistakes. I find it ridiculous that in west Virginia a bill was passed that would give first time DUI offenders a second chance, as long as they installed an interlock breathalyzer in their vehicle (www.wowktv.com 6/20/10).

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