Dysfunctional Turnover

Published: 2021-09-11 09:30:10
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Figure : 3
The above figure basically suggests different type of turnovers. First important distinction in turnover is between voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary turnover is initiated by the employee; for example, a worker quits to take another job. Involuntary turnover is initiated by the organization; for instance, a company dismisses an employee due to poor

performance or an organizational restructuring. Voluntary and involuntary turnover require markedly different management techniques. This article would majorly discuss about voluntary turnover. Another important distinction is between functional and dysfunctional voluntary turnover. Dysfunctional turnover is harmful to the organization and can take numerous forms, including the exit of high performers and employees with hard-to-replace skills, departures of women or minority group members that erode the diversity of your company's workforce, and turnover rates that lead to high replacement costs. By contrast, functional turnover does not hurt an organization. Examples of this type of turnover include the exit of poor performers or employees whose talents are easy to replace. Some voluntary turnover is avoidable and some is unavoidable.

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