Dyslexia Case

Published: 2021-09-13 20:05:07
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Dyslexia is a reading/learning disability that happens when the brain does not recognize and process certain symbols. (PubMed Health). While a "normal" person can read a simple sentence within a few seconds, a person that struggles with dyslexia will take a few minutes for just one sentence. Not only can it affect reading it could also affect speaking and writing. (MedicineNet). It is usually found during the childhood years, but it can happen to anyone at any age. Dyslexia is usually hereditary, but not always. Sometimes it can appear after a serious injury. When diagnosed with dyslexia it's highly recommended to receive treatment right away because even though a person won't be completely cured, it will save them from becoming worse.It'll cause a child to become frustrated that leads to depression that causes low self-esteem. It'll lead to the child to detest school and can even damage the child's future success. (MedicineNet). Dyslexia is a disability within the central nervous system.
Dyslexia, which is also known as development reading disorder, happens when there is a problem in the area of the brain that helps guide and interpret the language. (PubMed Health). There are different types of dyslexia which have different causes. Trauma dyslexia is caused after there has been an injury to a person's head or certain part of the brain. (MedicineNet). Another type of dyslexia is called primary dyslexia, which is a dysfunction of the left side of the brain. (MedicineNet). Anyone with this type is barely able to read above a fourth grade level, and is received through their genes. Primary dyslexia is more commonly found in boys than girls. A third type of dyslexia is called developmental dyslexia, which is "caused by hormonal development during the early stages of fetal development." (MedicineNet). It starts to fade away as the child matures and is also mainly found in guys. So what really causes dyslexia? There isn't an exact answer yet, besides that it is hereditary and can be caused by early age hearing problems.

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