Ear Training and Ear Training Charts

Published: 2021-09-13 14:25:10
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Ear Training and Ear Training Charts
Ear training is indeed an important component of a music student academic path. It helps develop the sensitivity of the inner ear and learn to differentiate different sounds that come from a radio or keyboard. With successful ear training, a musician, instrumentalist or even adjudicator can perform better than a situation where he/ she had no ear training.
My interval song chart had the following songs;
1. Isn’t she lovely by Stevie wonder Minor 2nd
2. Can’t help falling in love by Elvis Presely Perfect 5th
3. Donna, Donna Perfect 5th
4. Love story theme Minor 6th
5. Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen Major 6th
6. Don’t know why by Norah Johns major 7th
The song by Stevie wonder is listed under the minor 2nd. It has a quick tempo and the singing, instrumentation and singing is fast. On the other hand, the song Don’t Know by Norah Jones is played at a low tempo. The primary reason why I took the ear training exercise was to enable me identify pitch in real time. I can comfortably say that I am proficient to a great extent since I can identify all the variations of the seven pitches although at a slower speed than what would be considered perfect.

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