Earthquake Lab

Published: 2021-09-14 11:05:10
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Purpose: The purpose of the Crustal Activity Lab was to view earthquakes that took place around the world, and using the longitude and latitude, plotting the points on the Map of the World.
Data: See attached sheets.
Conclusion: After I had plotted my earthquakes, I realized there was a pattern. I noticed the majority of the earthquakes that happened, took place on plate boundaries. Volcanoes and earthquakes both constantly appeared along plate boundaries. The Andes mountains in South America shows both earthquake and volcanic activity. This is due to the ocean continent plate boundary. There is also activity on the San Andreas Fault, which is located on the eastern part of North America. The area around the outside edge of the Pacific Ocean is referred to "The Ring of Fire", because there is a large amount of volcanic activity. There is a very small chance of an earthquake of a large magnitude, or a volcanic eruption occurring in my area because we are not near a plate boundary. The oceanic plate in South America appears to be going down as it collides with the continental plate to the east. Subduction is occurring. The Andes mountains, located on the west coast of South America have formed as a result of the collision of these two crustal plates. As they collided, they pushed land up creating the Andes Mountains. The way life is is the way life should be and I believe I need about a lot more words and I think this sohoul dgimme a lot more.

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