Economic Activity

Published: 2021-09-11 11:00:12
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Nama : Tika Ayu Puspita Wati
NIM : 11408141039
Prodi : Manajemen S1 A09

Every people in the world certain do economic business activity include young until old ever do it. Bussiness can not be separated from human. Because the core of bussiness is choose to decide one option from many options else. This is done to get profit where profit from bussiness are used to meet the needs of human life in the world.
Every day, my activities are always associated with economic bussiness. In the begining, I choose to use my times for this activity rather than the other activity. Until, I interact with other people to do the transaction such as financial trading, pay for parking if I am going to Mall, etc.
After I wake up in the morning, I decide to choose lecture option than pull my blanket and sleep again. I do it because I think opportunity cost from every options. I choose to go to campus because this option doesn't give the bigger opportunity cost than option else. Opportunity cost is the cost we pay when we select one option rather than another options.

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