Education - Is It Being Taken for Granted?

Published: 2021-09-11 13:00:09
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Education can be seen much differently for different cultures; in Norman Rockwell's paintings "A Problem We All Live With" and "The Spirit of Education" this is shown quite vividly. In "A Problem We All Live With" a black child is shown walking to school surrounded by U.S. Marshals with offensive graffiti saying "nigger" on a wall behind them and a tomato smashed against it. "The Spirit of Education" painting shows a white child being sent off to school by his mother and being given all opportunities to succeed and become successful and taking those opportunities for granted. Both of Norman Rockwell's paintings are symbolic of how different races and cultures see education, for white people it is seen as a god given right that is readily available and is taken for granted and for black people education is seen as something that had to be earned and fought for to be where American education is now where it is available to all races, religions, and genders.
These paintings are similar in that they show how important education is seen in American society for children to be the focal point of a huge movement for equality. In "A Problem We All Live With" the guards are symbolic of how important education is that adults are willing to defend a child's right to education with their lives. Similarly, in "The Spirit of Education" the mother is symbolic of being behind her child and supporting him by giving him all tools necessary for his quest for knowledge.

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