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Published: 2021-09-13 22:50:10
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I like to eat some butt. In order to graduate at Churchill High School in Eugene, Oregon, you have to log in at least forty hours of community service. We all know that you can get community service for anything you do that " helps " the community in some sort of way, but I honestly think that the hours logged in doing teacher's aid and office assistance shouldn't count. I truly believe that you have to help the community not the school you attend or attended. Grading papers and delivering notes doesn't help the senior citizens get around or help them take their medicine. All this is doing is teaching young teens how to skip out on important things that can change a community or help it strive. We teens, think that doing community service is " lame " or it doesn't effect our lives in any way, but it's truly important to help out the community as much as possible. I'm not trying to be a hypocrite, but I do my community service delivering notes in the front office. I know it's bad to be reigning down on other people doing the same thing I'm doing, but I do want to community service in the actual community. For example, helping other people build houses and working at soup kitchens. I think it would be an eye opening experience. This is why 4j and other school districts shouldn't count office assistance and teacher's aid as community service, in order to teach us how to actually do something.
In the research I've done about having community service a graduation requirement, I've noticed that most of the high schools on the east coast and in the middle west do actually have it as a requirement. In the Chicago school system graduation policy handbook I found online, it says that their students have to complete forty hours of community service in order to graduate, but they have to complete twenty hours by their sophomore year. At Churchill High School, there is no requirement about having a certain amount of hours done by the student's sophomore year. As you can see, there are many different variations of having community service as a graduation requirement in many different school boards across the United States. In fact, some high schools don't even have it as a requirement! I just find that crazy. I guess they want their students to achieve greatness in school. I couldn't tell you why they don't have it as a graduation requirement.
In the high schools around Eugene, Oregon, I found, through Google, that all the high schools in the area have the same amount hours required to graduation. This means that this policy is brought to you by the State of Oregon Department of Education Board. So this must mean that most of the schools in the state of Oregon have the same requirements , except for private schools of course. Which makes me believe that each state has a certain view on community service. I personally think that the United

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