Effective Strategic Plan to Build Business

Published: 2021-09-11 03:15:08
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Having an effective strategic plan in action that involves both external and internal factors is also the key to a business' survival in this tough economy. The small business that is envisioned in this essay is a dog's resort and day spa. This will be name My Best Friend. This business will be way more than a kennel that just puts you beloved pet in a cage and My Best Friend offers the best treatment that any pet will receive. Our pet resort and day spa give you the opportunity to have a say in what goes on with your pet during the day.
At My Best friend you can choose which activities your pet participates in during the day and what kind of treatment they receive. My Best Friend is a dog's paradise for your furry family member. This Doggie resort and day spa will offer consumers the opportunity to cater to the needs of their pets while ensuring peace of mind in knowing that they well cared. This service will provide its consumers with the chance to "spoil" with pampering including: grooming, going for walks, socialization with other pets to name a few.
Social Structure
When building a business it is important to know your target customers this will be they key to helping build the business' social structure. This begins with understanding the customer's needs should be the focal point when developing a good social plan. Socially in the community for this type of business to survive you have to think like a typical pet owner. Socially this service will be targeted to families with pets that they treat as equal family member. And local veterinaries that offer the daycare service to their consumers with extra fees added in order for the veterinary to make a little profit for pamper the animal after be traumatized after being sick or going through surgery. Another possible social strength would be the neighborhood dog walker who wants to make a little extra money for bringing the dog in to be pampered for an hour or so.

There is a lot of competition when it comes to running a dog daycare of any kind. You have dog kennels you have pet supply stores big and small for example just as PetSmart which currently operates an indoor dog kennel. You also have some competition from veterinarian clinics. In order to be above the competition is make our services more appealing to the consumer.
Stating what we have that others do not will be the key to bringing in the customers. We give you the option to choose your pet's daily activities something that no other animal kennel would allow you to do. Control what they watch on TV, what they eat, when they eat, and their walking trips you can also schedule other recreational activities for your pet to enjoy. We also offer an option to give your friend their own private glass room and with our open door policy you can check on your love anytime of the day.

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