Effects of Quality Management

Published: 2021-09-13 09:00:09
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Effects of Quality Management:
Nowadays the concept of quality management is emerged as a significant business practice that everyone wants to adopt in business operations to make the company more effective and customer-oriented. By adopting quality management, companies can ensure quality in products and services. In this paper the concept of quality management will be described in terms of its effect on two different organizations, one of which competes in the domestic market and the other in an international market. The companies chosen to manifest the effects of quality management are American Airlines that compete domestically and Lufthansa Airlines that competes globally.
Quality management within an organization is important because it will guide the organization to success. The goal the organization is seeking to accomplish will heavily depend on the quality of service offered to the customer. American Airlines and Lufthansa Airlines are consistently improving the way business is conducted and offer total quality to the organizations customers. Both airlines offer a high quality of service by implementing long term goals for the company. American Airlines launched a new strategic plan for the long-term success of the airline, and Lufthansa has created a success strategy based on a thorough assessment of the market, customer base, and existing processes (Lufthansa, 2011). A substantial process identical in both the selected companies is the application of Total Quality management for improving the services and attaining operational excellence. Both of the companies apply TQM in their service management in the following manner:

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