Elements of Religious Traditions

Published: 2021-09-13 23:25:09
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Elements of Religious Traditions
There are many religions and with these religions there are certain variations. The differences can be in how people chose to the devotion is shown, particular days the religion practiced, and the location of where worshipers pay respect to the particular religion. Among the different religions the only similarity is that religions have differences in practicing, location, and how they are practice is that they all surround a tradition. Many religions have been shown and delivered to the generations' to follow. Never mind the number of years a religious belief has taught to generations and generations' the belief of the religious conviction appears to stay unbroken.
Religious Traditions
Religious traditions appear to be somewhat confusing, especially concerning sacred and religion, the central of many religions is something sacred and mysterious (Molloy,2010). Although the basis is holy the traditions have repeated through teaching for generation. A prime example, for the polytheisms, the faith exists in believing in more than one God, remains a religion in its own right. Even if it is conflicting to the principles of monotheisms, this religion taught that there is only one God.
Religious Myths
Sacred mythologies certainly possess a key part in spiritual customs. Sacred mythologies not as they seem or how one would perceive them. While contemplating a myth that has pasted down some many times, it is understandable to automatically adopt the story based off something happened or didn't happen long ago. On the other hand, when the situation comes to religion, mythologies exist in reality of event that encompasses certain events by which the religious belief is based on. In many religion the myths that surrounding the religions' belief are usually repeated and reenacted for educational purposes. A prime case of a sacred mythos is the reenactment of the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Several religions worldwide reenact every year to pay respect as well as to educate.
Study of Religion
Religious traditions and every practice that is associated with them are found to be extremely complex. Even more complex than the traditions is the study of religion. The study of religion has had some issues that make the studies questionable. These problems can range from misleading texts to oral traditions. No matter what the underlining cause may be, it can bring a great deal of confusion and misconception to the study.
Oral Traditions
Oral traditions in relation to religion have caused concern. If a religion has no written translation, it may not be able to be studied properly. In order to study oral traditions, the studier would have to be fluent in the language which the religion

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