Eminem, Taylor Swift , Selina Gomez, Justin Bieber Roxs

Published: 2021-09-13 15:25:10
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eminem is a rap singer and he truely roxs . his recovery alum is awesum . his his hit song love the way you lie is awesome . it is sung by eminem and rihanna . the love the way tou lie part 2 is also awesome . i liked his whole album of recovery. he is cool and his voice is too good. he truely roxs . taylor swift is another very gud singer . her best hit song is love story its too awesome. Her album fearless and speak now its just too great . she hasa great voice . she has sung speak now very nice and . selina gomez is not a very good singer but a very great actress . she is very cute . and she is a diseny actress . she has done a role of alex in wizards of waverly place on diseny channel. justin bieber has a great trp ratuing on his graet and super hit song baby . he is too good and a good singer.
then four and sum more hoolwood singers are incerdible and awesome singers . i just luv them all
tayloe swift has written many songs in one of her album. he had a craze of writhin poems when she was studing in school.
an essy on a country u would like to visitictures
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