Emperor's New Clothes by H.C. Andersen

Published: 2021-09-13 15:35:09
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The Emperor's New Clothes by H.C. Andersen is the inspiration of Baju Baru sang Raja drama. The drama told about the little kingdom that divides from Indonesia's government, because didn't believe to democracy. The story begin when there are the group of activists who against the king. Actually, they are the 'illegal squad' of MENHAM. He ordered them because he wants to become the king. The activists were discussing to determine topic or reason to demonstration. But, they were lucky because one of them knew the news about the kingdom "Baju Baru Sang Raja" event competition. The event spent 200 Billion. So, they decided to use that event to be their reason to demonstration.
Meanwhile in the kingdom, the king was so depressed. He knew that the people who live in the kingdom always compare him with his in-laws or the previous king, so he decided to order his ministry to make the big event that can make his image good. So, they were decided to create the "Baju Baru Sang Raja" competition. The winner of this competition is going to get money which amount of 200 Billion and the king would wear clothes that have been designed by the winner in the square that will be watched by the entire people in the kingdom. A prime minister has a participant to join the competition. His name was Bruce Wong; he was an American famous designer. Because of prime minister wanted the benefit from the competition, he and a participant made the agreement. He promised to make Bruce Wong become the winner of the competition, because he was the one of the main judge.
Bruce Wong made the invisible clothes. He said to the all king's minister that only the honest person who can see the clothes. The entire minister pretended can see the clothes; because they wanted everyone else think that they were the honest person. The royal advisor told the king to be careful, because he saw that the people who live in the kingdom will laugh at the king, and the king didn't wear the clothes at all. The king didn't believe what the royal advisor said; even he wanted him to die.

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