End of Men

Published: 2021-09-12 11:30:10
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It has become a familiar sight on campuses around the country: a crowd of women talking around the building, with hardly a man in sight. According to Tamar Lewin's article, "At College, Women Are Leaving Men in the Dust," men now make up 42 percent of the nation's college students. Which means women make up about 58 percent, a big difference from past decades.
In her article, " Do Women Let Men Get Away with Being Slackers?" Betsy Hart asks a good question, " If men were ahead of women educationally, as was the case for so long, would anybody care?" I would have to say no. Men have been dominating women since the beginning of time and nobody thought it was a problem then. Is the idea that women could be ahead of men so shocking that some people think it must be a crisis for men?
I would have to say yes. Not only are university admission officials trying to target males, some have gone so far as to take affirmative action. An article called, "College Gender Gap Widens: 57% Are Women," written by Mary Beth Marklin states that Jim McCorkell, founder of Admission Possible, comments: "We actually did a little affirmative action. If we had a tie (between a male and a female applicant), we gave it to a boy." To think that a qualified, prepared, and motivated young women be denied a space in college for a unqualified, unprepared, and unmotivated young man just to get more guys in college, is rather disturbing.

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