Energy Drinks Are Bad Mmkay

Published: 2021-09-14 22:35:09
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Energy drinks are a poor choice for young adults and kids. These outrageously caffeinated beverages pack up to 10 times as much caffeine as a regular can of soda. To protect the young developing bodies of teens and kids everywhere we seriously need to consider putting some sort of age restriction on these dangerous drinks. Energy drinks should have an age restriction because it is harmful if abused, addicting to most and overall liquid health hazards.
Energy Drinks are harmful if abused, and especially so with children. This quote is about a cashier who tells about the customers that purchase energy drinks. I think it's important because it's very true in what's happening today. "I work long hours at a convenience store and every day I see all kinds of people stop by. The most frequent are children by themselves and I'm a little bothered about this- not necessarily because most of them are unsupervised, but what I see them buying for themselves. The most popular item kids around the age of 10 buy are energy drinks. They are buying the big 32 ounce ones and sometimes, even worse, those extremely concentrated ones" To me, this is very concerning. If kids are abusing these at only 10 years old, they will probably have numerous health problems in their adult life.
Energy drinks are addicting to most people, and some of the ingredients were not meant to be consumed in such abundance. Most teenagers don't know the affects energy drinks can have and most drink them to look "cool" and sometimes try to get some sort of "high" off of the instant caffeine rush. Kids and teenagers are not the only ones drinking these; adults also turn to energy drinks because they work all day and need some more "energy." My dad drinks about 4 or 5 a day and when I try to tell him they're bad for him, he says what 95% of adults would: "Now son, at least I'm not drinking or smoking." I hope that my dad will stop and when I read these diseases and sicknesses you can get from abusing energy drinks perhaps he will change his mind... Over dosing on caffeine is a serious health concern and can lead to diseases like osteoporosis, insomnia, high blood pressure, infertility, ulcers, heart disease, decrease in vision, migraines, sensitivity to light, and liver damage. Rapid intake of caffeine can cause problems with pregnancy, including a greater risk of miscarriage. So, convinced yet? In conclusion energy drinks pose a serious threat on the entire WORLD'S children, and will lead to serious health problems if not banned or restricted.

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