Eng 101 - Who's Liable for the Health Problems of Fast Food Consumers?

Published: 2021-09-11 20:20:09
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Cameron Collins
English 101
Mr. Osman
July 8th, 2007

Who's Liable for the Health Problems of Fast Food Consumers?
Many people across America today feel that fast food companies are becoming the leading causers of health problems among their consumers. Some people feel as though they don't care what harmful health issues their food may cause their consumers over a period of time as long as they are making a profit. But on the other hand there are some people who think that the health problems only occur because the consumer allows them to. Because fast food companies may have the potential to shape some peoples minds through advertisement, look and taste, people must take responsibility for consuming fast food and their health.
In the movie Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock asks the question, "Where does personal responsibility stop and corporate responsibility begin?" This is a very valuable quote because it emphasizes whether or not people should blame themselves or fast food companies for the health problems that they may encounter. The ones at blame are the consumer because it is simply up to them whether or not to consume the food that fast food companies produce. The fast food companies should not be held liable for any health problems any consumer may have. The reason for that being is because it is simply the fast food companies purpose to produce a product and leave it up to the consumer to buy and eat. The fast food company in no way has 100% percent control over the consumers mind, telling them to buy and eat their product. So the line of responsibility stops with the consumer. The consumer is the only person who can be held responsible for anything happening to their own health.

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