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Published: 2021-09-12 07:30:08
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William HessertProfessor RayEnglish 111November 17, 2015Downing, S (2015, May 18) Republicans to Gov. Walker: Cuts needed in '16 budget.  Alaska GOP.  From http://www.alaskagop.org/alaska_republicans_to_gov_walker_cuts_are_needed_in_2016_budget.This post talks about the 2016 Alaska budget and all the cuts involved with it.  This give background for why the governor wants to use the PFD for the budget.  This was the article that got me started on this subject I was looking for a subject to do my paper on and thought of this.  So I guess you could say this was the source that started it all.  I used this as a starting point to the paper and a way to think of questions that effect both sidesHerz, N. (2015, September 21) Are the days of big Alaska PFDs numbered? Anchorage Dispatch News. Retrieved from http://www.adn.com/article/20150921/are-days-big-alaska-pfds-numbered.This is an article talking about the longevity of the PFD and the size of the account from which the money comes from.  I will be using because it has direct quotes from governor walker and it is from a journalism source which means it’s a credible source.  The article talks about the plan that the governor would like to implement. I will want to use this source due to the fact that it’s from a local newspaper which makes it a creditable source with good quotes and background on the subject.  This was one of the first times the governor was quoted about his new PFD plan.

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